Medical Insurance

  • Students will be covered by MSIG insurance company depending on their country and duration of stay for the mobility programme.

Medical Facilities

  • Medical facilities at IMU Bukit Jalil campus includes medical clinic, dental clinic, Chinese Medicine centre and Chiropractic centre. However, there are other private general-practitioner clinics in nearby areas, which offer outpatient services at reasonable rates ranging from RM40 to RM80 per consultation. Price includes medication, so you do not need to get a prescription to get the medication from an external pharmacy.
  • Should you wish to seek medical treatment at a hospital, you may choose to go to either a private hospital or government hospital. Generally, both offer their services to international students. Non-citizens pay a higher rate at government hospitals, but this still tends to be lower than the charges at private hospitals. In order to complete your studies successfully, having a physical and mental health is important. For that, IMU has medical facilities and counselling services in campus.
  • For a government-hospital ambulance and other emergencies, you can call 999 for help.