Briefing by Mobility Coordinator

Each school will conduct a mobility briefing session for the students. This will be included in the students’ academic calendar.

Pre Departure Guide

Before you pack, check with your airline about luggage size and weight limits. Don’t forget to put a copy of your ‘Arrival Information Support Sheet’ in your hand luggage with your travel documents.

Malaysia has hot and humid weather, so you’ll need light clothing to suit. Don’t forget personal care and any uniform items you are bringing. If you are staying in homestay accommodation, you won’t need many household items. It’s a good idea to pack photos of family and friends, favourite music or a small reminder of home.

If you need regular medicine for a medical condition (like diabetes, asthma or eczema), pack this with your medical history and doctor’s letter.

Bring about RM1000 cash for unexpected or immediate expenses. You can change foreign currency at the airport, shopping district currency exchanges or at any bank. There are also services available is most shopping malls to change foreign currency such as Midvalley Megamall.

It is advisable to bring less food item and if you do, always declare what you do bring. There are plenty of food here to explore.


Your Passport

Check your passport’s expiry date. Make sure it’s valid for the length of your student mobility programme. Take two photocopies of your passport. Keep one copy in a safe place, separate to the originals. Leave the second copies with your family, in case you lose the originals.

Your Health

Your medical history is important to consider when travelling to IMU. You should check the Malaysian Department of Home Affairs health requirements before leaving home. Ask your doctor for a letter that includes the technical name of, and reason for, any medicine you bring, or may need to buy in Malaysia. A documented medical history will ensure you get proper care in an emergency.

Booking flights

You should book flights to Malaysian International Airport soon after this. Once your flights are booked, email your itinerary the International Student Coordinator at your new school so they can plan for your arrival.

Personal insurance

You should take out travel insurance in case you need medical care on your way to Malaysia. Extended health insurance can be arranged once you arrive in IMU. The International Office will help you with this, if required.

Pre-travel checklist

  • A copy of your passport stored safely and left with family.
  • Flight is booked to arrive within one week of term start.
  • Obtain medical history and doctor’s letter if needed.
  • Travel and medical insurance is arranged.
  • Bank alerted you will be making transactions in Malaysia.
  • Mobile phone service availability in Malaysia and charges checked.
  • Visited school website for uniform information.
  • Luggage complies with your airline’s size and weight limits.
  • Medical history, doctor’s letter and any regular medicine.
  • Copies of travel and medical insurance documents.
  • Around RM 1000 in cash.
  • No banned items.

Timing your arrival

To help you settle in, it is best to arrive up to one week before the programme begins. You must arrive before the first day of the programme.


Tell your bank you are about to travel and arrange to access money overseas or make charges in foreign currency.

Returning Home

You must stay in IMU until one day after the mobility programme ends. Your parents should write to the International Office if you cannot arrive in time or need to leave early.

Mobile/Cell Phones

Ask your mobile phone or cell call carrier if your phone will work in Malaysia. You might need a new SIM or handset to use while you’re here.

When You Arrive

Getting ready to land in Malaysia is exciting. Listen to any information the airline gives you about Malaysian customs and immigration.

Upon Arrival 

PLEASE ENSURE YOU REPORT to the IMU International Office immediately upon your arrival in Malaysia. You may report to the said office on the next working day should you arrive over the weekend/public holiday. Our office is located at Academic Services Department, second floor of IMU.

Phoning home

You’ll probably want to phone your parents when you arrive in Malaysia. If your mobile or cell phone carrier has service from Malaysia, you may like to use your own handset.

Keeping in touch

Even if your mobile or cell phone has service, it will be more cost effective to purchase a Malaysian SIM card. You can do this at most supermarkets and shopping centres. The easiest way to stay in touch is via Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Facetime or something similar over the WiFi internet. International call cards are also easy to buy. They allow you to make cheap international phone calls. When your parents contact you in Malaysia they should use the +60 prefix.

Moving around

Malaysia’s public transport system uses tokens or access cards. If you will be travelling by train, tram or bus, you can purchase a train card and these are sold at train stations, retail outlets and online.

Internet and computers

It’s a good idea to buy a prepaid wireless modem to keep your costs separate. You’ll find computers with free internet access at school and public libraries. You can pay a small fee to go online at internet kiosks or cafes located in shopping centres and near universities.

Climate and General Information

Personal safety IMU, Bukit Jalil is a friendly, safe and multicultural community. You’ll find Bukit Jalil clean, quiet and welcoming. No matter how small your question, if you’re ever concerned ask a local friend, your homestay family or the International Office. They’re here to help you feel safe and happy. You’ll also have access to student support services, including emergency phone numbers. The sun can be very hot. Long-sleeved clothing, sunscreen and a hat are important, especially during the hottest part of the day.


Emergency – Police, Ambulance, Fire. Dial: 999


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