It is widely acknowledged that having some overseas exposure as part of a degree programme can academically and socially enrich a student’s university experience, broaden the student’s perspectives and enhance his or her employment prospects. Hence, IMU started the Student Mobility Programme (SMP). Through SMP, IMU aims to internationalise its identity and create an enhanced visibility in the global education industry. IMU International Office (IO) will be managing the operations.

This SMP Guideline will outline the eligibility of students to apply for mobility, approval process, financial support application and approval process. Financial support is only available for outbound students (IMU registered students). Nonetheless, in case where the agreement with the specific university/institution stipulates a different terms and conditions from this guideline the agreement shall prevail.

Benefits of Student Mobility Programme

  • It provides an opportunity for students to experience a different perspective on their academic subjects within Malaysia or overseas.
  • It enhances personal and intellectual maturity – through inculcating flexibility, resilience, cross-cultural communication skills, the ability to adapt to new circumstances and to deal constructively with differences.
  • It broadens student experience by living and studying abroad for a period.
  • It widens academic horizons and thereby lead students to reappraise their goals to include postgraduate study.

Types of Student Mobility Programmes (SMP)

The following mobility programmes are offered to students, inbound and outbound


Students may undertake part of their internship (with appropriate learning outcomes) as short-term training abroad to provide them with an international perspective to their programme of study. The short-term internships may include any of the following:

  • Industrial or work experience
  • Clinical training
  • Community projects


Students may choose to conduct research projects in external research institutions, universities, industries or communities through mutual agreement between supervisors, or to participate in research collaborations. This will provide students with an international exposure to research.

Elective modules

Students are free to set the objectives they would like to achieve from an elective module. The non-medical objectives can be communication skills, leadership skills, and so on. Students may also decide to go on hospital attachments or humanitarian work to polish their skills. The aim is to add value to students’ learning.

Study visits

A study visit is a short stay for some days or even weeks in host country. Study visits may include visits to training facilities, ministries, hospitals, community facilities or homes supported by the home institution. The aim is to provide the students with a broader perspective to their learning outcomes.

Formal Student Exchange Programme

Students may be sent or accepted for a designated period of study (year or semester) as a formal academic arrangement with collaborating universities, either with, or without, relevant credit transfer.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • Must be a full time active student of IMU.
  • Record of good conduct and soft skills attested by mentor.
  • Minimum duration of activity is 2 weeks and maximum duration is 12 months.
  • Funding is ONLY available for outbound students undergo for international institutions.
  • Funding ONLY be given for those who have yet to complete the Outbound mobility activity to be discussed in the Funding Quarter Meeting.

Application Process

  • The student must ensure he or she meet the eligibility criteria’s.
  • Student is to submit a complete Outbound SMP Financial Aid online application form, attach with letter of acceptance from the host institution. Student need to ensure the form must be supported by mentor and approved by the Mobility Coordinator.
  • A complete application form must be received by the IMU International Office, Bukit Jalil prior to the mobility start date and at least 2 weeks before the Quarter SMP Funding Meeting. Funding ONLY be given for those who have yet to complete the Outbound mobility activity to be discussed in the Funding Quarter Meeting.
  • The Application submission must be within same year of Outbound Mobility Programme. For example, 2019 fund will only be considered for Outbound SMP completed no later than 30th November 2019.
  • If the SMP Programme starts and end in December, any application received will be reviewed in Quarter 1 Funding Meeting the year after.Quarter SMP Funding Meeting
  • Funding is ONLY available for outbound students undergo for international institutions. The funding will be in a form of subsidy which at most instances will not cover the entire amount requested by the student.
  • IMU International Office will notify any successful/decline funding through an email to the student.

Fund Disbursement Payment

  • Disbursement of approved fund will only be done after the programme completes.
  • Student must submit all evidence documents to International Office within 1 month from completion of programme to claim the approved fund.
    – Acceptance Letter /Email with indicative programme period
    – Reflective Report
    – Certificate of Attendance/Completion
    – Feedback Form/Assessment Form
    – Flight Tickets
    – Other Funding Letter if any
  • Failing which, we will withhold or cancel the disbursement fund entirely.
  • Student is to notify IMU International Office immediately if there are any changes on the mobility placement (type of mobility activity, institution, duration, etc).
    Important Note:
    Any changes from international to local mobility placement in Malaysia, student is required to notify IMU International Office and to refund any disbursed fund if any.
  • International Office will advise finance to disburse the approved fund payment on 1st and the 15th of each month for those who has submit all required evidences.

Guidelines and Procedures for Mobility

  • Applicants who wish to take part in the IMU SMP must ensure their home institution is aware of their intention. This is important to ensure the objective of the mobility is achieved and agreed by the home institution.
  • Incoming applicant’s home institution coordinator is advised to discuss with the IMU coordinator to identify the right type of mobility programme suitable for the applicant based on the home institution curricula. IO will assist in coordinating the process.
  • Applicant may request for an elective placement in IMU main campus (Bukit Jalil) or in the Clinical Campus (Seremban). For medical electives, the choice of hospital is stated in the application form. Applicant is required to select their choice.
  • For medical electives, minimum period is 3 weeks and maximum period is 12 weeks.
  • The process of admission, enrolment and orientation for incoming mobility applicants will be managed by the IO.
  • Applicant is required to complete the Form A1 – SMP INBOUND and submit to IO via email stated in the application form. The applicant is expected to email all below stated documents failing which will lead to the application not being processed:
    a. Form A1 – SMP Inbound,
    b. Applicant’s verification letter from home institution,
    c. Passport copy. International passport must be valid at least six (6) months, starting from the date of arrival in IMU.
  • Applicant will be required to make payments as stipulated in the SMP Acceptance Letter which will be emailed to them once their application is approved unless any special arrangement is made with IMU to waive the fee. It must be supported with an agreement between both institutions.
  • Applicants will be responsible for fully participating in their proposed activities. Applicants who undertake a clinical placement must comply with the insurance requirements of Malaysia, particularly in relation to medical malpractice or, if the activity involves research, obtain confirmation of cover for the Research Project or Fieldwork.
  • On request, a summary of the applicant’s activities will be sent to the applicant’s home institution by the relevant programme coordinator.

Inbound Medical Elective Practices

  • Inbound students would normally be attached to small groups of IMU students for departmental teaching in an appropriate year of the course. This would include ward rounds, clinics, lectures and tutorials.
  • Inbound students will be responsible to the Head of the Department, or to the IMU Elective Supervisor assigned to them and will be required to observe the Rules and Regulations for Medical Students as prescribed for students of IMU.
  • Inbound students must bring their white coat. A campus card will be given which entitles them access to the IMU facilities.
  • Inbound elective students are advised to undergo, prior to their visit, tuberculin testing with BCG vaccination for negative or minimal response. Students are also advised to ascertain their immunisation status as regards poliomyelitis, tetanus, diphtheria booster and rubella, and to obtain suitable primary or booster inoculations.
  • Personal health insurance is advisable; the IMU’s Malpractice Insurance will cover inbound elective student possessing a valid student pass (which states that he/she is an IMU student).
  • When a department accepts an inbound elective student, an Elective Supervisor will usually be assigned to whom the student may write and request further details concerning the elective.

Eligibility to Take Part in the IMU Inbound Mobility Programme

  • Registered full time or part time student in the home institution.
  • Approved by the home institution to participate in the IMU mobility programme.
  • Financially stable to support his/her stay in Malaysia.
  • Have satisfied IMU entry and study requirements (if any).
  • Meet Malaysia’s visa requirements.

Selection Process

  • All applications will be reviewed and processed based on the requirements of the chosen mobility programme.
  • Successful applicants will be notified through email.
  • Upon receiving the email, applicant is required to reply and confirm his/her acceptance before the stipulated deadline.
  • Upon acceptance, applicant must complete the following:
    a. Provide IO documents stated in the email (if any)
    b. To update IO if the applicant has any special need requirements
    c. Confirm the arrival date and inform IO
    d. Confirm the accommodation and inform IO
    e. Inform IO if airport pickup is required when filling up the SMP application form
    f. Obtain appropriate health and travel insurance
    g. Apply Visa.

Cost and Expenses

All expenses on travel arrangements including visa, passport and insurance shall be borne by the applicants. Payment of fees will be based on the terms and conditions of the agreement between IMU and the home institutions. Costs incurred for additional activities such as cultural visits, homestay, etc. will be borne by applicants. Non-reciprocal visiting applicants will bear all costs incurred throughout the mobility programme.

English Language Requirements

All incoming applicants must take note that IMU is an English speaking campus and are expected to have appropriate proficiency in academic English.