Congratulations! You’re Abroad!

  • This page contains information for students who are opting for overseas mobility programme experience. There is useful information on how to settle into foreign university life, as well as details on what to do and how to stay safe while in your host country.

I’ve arrived. What now?

Things to do:

  • Contact your family and friends – Let them know when you have safely arrived as they would want to know on your safety.
  • Visit the International Centre at your host university and let them know you have arrived.
  • Attend the orientation programme they have set out for you.
  • You can attend social activities offered as well to meet new people and socialise.
  • Obtain a student card and concession cards.

Health, Safety & Security

  • Your well being is the utmost importance when being at a different country. Do have a health insurance when going abroad and seek for medical care information once you have arrived there in case of future emergencies. Safety on the road is also important. Always be cautious on your surrounding for safety reasons.


  • If you have any other questions, please do send an email to the International Office for further clarification.