The University Of Hong Kong

Hui Ying

The University Of Hong Kong

During the first day of our visit, we were greeted by the lecturer-in-charge and person-in-charge of the student mobility programme. They brought us around the campus and introduced a little bit about Malaysia. We were delighted to receive our welcoming pack (with our student cards!) We joined mostly clinical sessions for the following days. IMU students were very friendly and welcoming as they spared their valuable time by sharing and explaining their cases with us. We were really thankful that IMU organised this student mobility programme for us and our learning outcomes were achieved through this well-planned schedule.

King College Of London


King's College London

I would like to thank IMU dental department for allowing me to complete my elective. From the moment we arrived we have been surprised and honored at the level of hospitality we have been shown. This whole experience has been rich in both culture and dentistry, the memories made will stay with us for a lifetime so thank you so much for allowing us to share this experience with you.

University Of Ljubljana, Slovenia


University Of Ljubljana

We were greeted by the responsible staff and shown around the facilities. We continued our day at the Oral Health Centre – OHC, where we spent most of the time of our student mobility program. We also got to try many different cuisines in the school cafeteria. All in all, the exchange was a great experience, full of professional and life experiences.

Andalas University


Andalas University

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to study as an exchange student in IMU for three weeks. I had a great time because I gained some valuable experiences while studying in IMU. I met new friends, new technology in medicine, and learn many experience of life in several aspects in this university. Thank you very much for this program which gave me the opportunity to study here. I believe the knowledge I gained will be useful for my future especially for my studies as a medical student.


Guru Nanak Institute Of Dental Science And Research


Guru Nanak Institute Of Dental Science And Research

The exchange program at IMU was my first exposure of a mobility program. The entire team at IMU, including the supervisors and non-teaching staff had a very welcoming attitude and made me feel as if I was in my own college. The learning method is case-based and it is highly helpful as the focused approach and interactive aspects helps the aspiring doctors within us to appreciate the diverse and different treatment modalities better. Overall, the environment and work ethic was charming and I had a great experience which enriched my knowledge. It was good to be a part of this university.

Airlangga University


Airlangga University

I gained a lot of experience about the way of teaching and the campus life here especially about acupuncture in Malaysia. Thank you to International Medicine University who had prepared all this. I hope someday I can come here again.

Thitiya Lasing


Chulalongkorn University

I am a Master student from Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University. Since my research interest is about drug discovery, I have synthesized the new potent compounds using organic chemistry knowledge and have investigated their bioactivities and pharmacological properties. Thailand and Malaysia, being considered as tropical countries, therefore, the diseases from these specific areas are within my interest target, such as Leishmania, and Malaria. Nevertheless, I have joined this project because I wanted to expand my research area to study about Malaria. Most importantly, the mechanism of action of the most potent compound will be clarified as well because it is crucial for antimalarial drug discovery. Finally, I would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Chew Hee, Dr. Khaw Loke Tim, Dr. Murugesh Kandasamy, Dr. Hira Choudhury, Janice Lai, all CHN group’s members, and all PG students for your kind assistances and suggestions. I am very honored to be here.