Hiew Ke Wei

Kobe University


Overall, my time in Kobe University was very enjoyable because everyone was very accommodating. This experience did not just give me medical knowledge, but I have also observed the good work ethics and politeness among Japanese, and it is definitely what we can learn from in Malaysia.

Tham Si Wei Amelia

AECC University College


I have gained fruitful experience from this two weeks’ student mobility programme. By the end of the clinic shifts, students and tutors will have a wash up session in which everyone will discuss some interesting cases and learn from each another, this session is similar to our clinical conference but in a smaller group discussion.

Toh Sze Yin

Rishiraj College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre


It was a valuable experience that will benefit me in the future in terms of patient exposure. The experience of dental camp was eye-opening, it gives me exposure about the community service practices in India. Overall, my time at Rishiraj College was a truly enriching experience that broadened my knowledge and skills across different dental specialities. It also allowed me to understand the difference in practice of dentistry in Malaysia and in India.

Tong Rei Mei

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


This international clinical placement has significantly impacted our future medical careers. It has instilled in us a broader perspective on healthcare systems, a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine, and a commitment to professionalism and empathy in our practice.

Wong Roung-Shyang

Central Queensland University


It provided invaluable international exposure, enriching my understanding of chiropractic practices within a distinct cultural and educational context. This opportunity provided insights into Australian chiropractic practices, interprofessional cooperation, patient-centered treatment, and cultural sensitivity (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) – all of which made the trip worthwhile. It helped me get ready for a future in chiropractic.